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Rich Experience

We have rich experience:

Servstaffing has been in the recruitment business for 13 years. We understand the intricacies of each business sector and the various types of manpower required in each domain. Our employees have worked in a variety of industries for a long time. As one of the leading foreign recruitment agencies in the US, we have alliances with major corporations in the country.

Over the years, we have placed thousands of candidates. We have a high level of candidate satisfaction. We've had them placed over the years.


Why choose us:

 At Servstaffing , we strive for complete customer satisfaction in all of our services. We believe that client satisfaction is the key to our success

·        Our experts are familiar with the profiles and the requirements that go with them. We are able to find the best candidates for each vacancy.

·        We also maintain extensive databases with a wide range of profiles, allowing us to easily handle manpower requisitions.

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Nice environment

Work environment is amazing in Servstaffing 
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Value for the client

ServStaffing provides effective and valuable solutions to the client and secured various placements. We help the Client to hire for the roles that had been vacant for over a year by submitting fully vetted candidates for the positions. We help the Client establish their foothold in the various industries, helping them sustain and grow their business both professionally and financially.
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Home For Unemployed Youth In Kashmir

Hello Readers,
         The journey with SERV Staffing is something which can't be explained in words. Being a Part of Ultimate Organization is something which can be cherished forever. Whether it would be Day of Joining Or Training Period Or Production Support made me to think, how well this organization is helping talented youth to earn their bread and Butter in حلال Way. The working environment is motivating me everyday to stay connected with this Renowned Staffing Company. Whenever, i use to have Bad day( In terms of staffing: When no submissions are on your EOD Report). Our Managers and Seniors use to come our way and are discussing the challenges and sharing Do's and Don'ts about the particular Job Requirements. I am not saying that being a recruiter is an easy job but its one of the noble role, as recruiters are helping some strangers to earn their livelihood. ( Recruiters are Unsung hero's) of someone's سبیب رزق (Sabab'e/  Sustenance / happy life).

 Kudos to the Bosses who are doing their Possible best in making the life of their Warriors, easier at Office.

Last but not the least.... Wish, I would have been a part of SERV Staffing since beginning.. But it's not too late either.

Signing Off with Pretty Smile of my face and wish same for you as well.

Thanks for your time.

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Muhammad Sayem

Thank you very much, 

I really appreciate that you took efforts to get me on board with TCS.
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Very Good Company

Was very satisfied with the services
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Amazing Experience

I have had an amazing experience working at ServStaffing for more than 3 years now. The salary is amazing, work ethics are great, no micro management, appreciation/reward for employee's work, promotions, salary hikes everything is up to the mark. I would recommend that people should join ServStaffing if they want to excel in their career.
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Professional and Transparent

I have worked with servstaffing for my recent job switch. The associate Muhammed Sayem was very professional and transparent in all our conversations. He was in touch regularly throughout the process and communicated very effectively with me and my potential employers. I am very confident in servtaffing as a company and would recommend the firm to anyone who is considering to utilise their services. 
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Very helpful in the onboarding process for an employee

I am very excited about the next phase in my career and i would like to thanks Danish and his team for there guidance through out the entire process like profile submission, scheduling the interview along with Onboarding formalities in the company.

I wish you all the best and keep helping whereever you can .. thanks !!
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Special thanks to Abid Majeed

Assisted in recruitment and was genuinely there for me every time. Always extending a helping hand! Great person overall.
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Good Experience

Serv Staffing services are apt and have been really helpful for me. I was having a tough time finding a job. Thanks for helping me securing a full time job.
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Very nice experience. The onboarding team was really helpful

It's been a wonderful experience. Serv Staffing Team made the onboarding process very helpful and smooth and kept me updated from time to time.
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Talib Rouf was really helpful

Talib Rouf was really helpful helped me with the onboarding.
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Career Advice

We offer Career advice to candidates:

Candidates may be unaware of the exact method of applying for a job when they apply. We provide candidates with sound career advice that will help them land their dream job. We offer advice on CV preparation, interview preparation, starting a job search, resigning, and preparing for the exit interview.

Our inputs can help candidates in presenting themselves in a much more professional and polished manner during the interview process. The most important aspect of grooming is training. It is common for a person to have all of the necessary knowledge for a job role but fail due to a lack of presentation and behavioural skills.

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We are one of the fastest-growing companies in New York City with over 13 years of top management experience. Serv Staffing Inc is committed to providing high-value services to the customer in Information Technology Consulting and Services. With a strong team and highly experienced technology leaders and fresh, innovative minds, we are committed to providing high value and cost-effective solutions.
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Contractor Review

I am a contractor with ServStaffing and they provided very good service throughout my marketing and on-boarding process. I highly appreciate their quick response and would recommend anyone to work with them.
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Unflagging Growth

Servstaffing has been making strides each day to realize its goals in the field of staffing and is playing a pivotal role in the recruiting industry with demonstrable results. There are umpteen examples, which vindicate Servstaffing as one of the best emerging staffing companies in the New York.    
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